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“How much does it cost for a website?” and other Frequently Asked Questions about web design.

cyber-spaceMost people don’t want to pay for web sites which are unable to be found, so that they just sit in cyberspace being looked at by no-one. Yet surprisingly that’s what many people get – almost definitely with webs at the lower end of the price scale and sometimes even with more highly priced web sites. Yet NZ Webs sites are very reasonably priced, so what are we doing differently?

Look!We plan web sites to WORK by helping you decide on a purpose for your web site and looking closely at logical ways for the right people to easily find your site. This often includes keyword research by locating the most often searched for (related) keywords, analysing keywords and content of web sites which are already ranked highly in search engines and creating the copy in your web site around these keywords.  We also examine the role social marketing can play in your business (facebook, youtube, email campaigns, twitter, pinterest etc) as well as advertising options like google adwords and facebook ads.

MagnetWe design web sites to WOW by always considering what the purpose of the web site is. Your web site will NOT be stranded in cyberspace on its lonesome, or be so fancy that no-one can figure out what to do there. Instead, we design your web site so that your clients can move around your web site effortlessly and be lead towards your desired outcomes. If this is the reason you want a website, you probably don’t even need to read any further, so contact us now.

PadHow we design Webs

Initially, you as our future client would contact us by email or telephone and we discuss your web idea and answer any questions you have – we want you to know there is no such thing as a stupid question and we don’t expect you to already know about designing and hosting websites and buying domain names etc (otherwise, why would you be calling us?) If you want to skip this step, we can probably give a ball-park figure estimate about how much you could expect to pay, and usually we encourage you to email through a brief outline of your requirements.  We also discuss whether or not you feel social marketing (facebook, youtube, email campaigns, twitter, pinterest etc) and google adwords or facebook ads will benefit your business. We like it also when future clients like you can give us the website addresses of other web sites you like and what you like about them – that could be the layout, the graphics, the general look, or the information that it has.  So it’s worth looking critically at your competitors and taking a bit of inspiration from here or there, and we can help you figure out why some sites rub you up the wrong way.

If we both feel that NZ Webs is the right company to give you what you want, we can give some more thought to your needs and what is best for YOU before we write a brief web plan and quote and create a visual idea of how the site will look and work.

Our CMS (Content Management System) websites (where you log in through an administrator panel and make your own changes) start at $1,799.00 (this package is occasionally offered as a freebie) which includes access to step by step video tutorials so that you can manage it yourself. (You can also have face to face one-on-one tuition separately.) We also offer you the use of our Webs Assistant as well if you don’t have time to update the site yourself, this is an extremely affordable option for the busy business owner.  (Enquire on our contact page.)  After you have accepted the quote, keeping the purpose of the web site and the desired outcomes in mind, we discuss any changes to the plan. We can then estimate when the work will be completed and begin.

If you’ve already decided you want to GET MOVING on your website, CONTACT US NOW.

How much does it cost for a website?

To read the details and see a larger graphic of our pricing chart, please read more about our web design packages.

List of reasonsWhy mobile responsive websites are important

According to a couple of online sources, in 2020, there are around 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.

In 2012 Digital Buzz reported that apparently China and India accounted for 30% of mobile growth. At that time there were over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web from their mobiles. Over 300,000 apps had been developed in the previous 3 years. Google earned 2.5 billion in mobile ad revenue annually.  And another thing, mobile searches had quadrupled in the previous year.  For many items, 1 in 7 searches took place from a mobile device. 71% of mobile users that saw a captivating television, press or mobile advertisement immediately did a mobile search.  Check out Digital Buzz’s infographic.

The infographics in my blog post about mobile phone use in 2020 takes this even further, giving clear examples of many businesses using the mobile phone revolution to reach their customers.  So many creative ideas, how far we’ve come.  It’s a sin if your website is not mobile responsive – you are missing out!