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Why are mobile responsive websites so important?

I’m still shocked when I am out and about and need to find something out instantly about a business (eg, their hours or address) and I get to a website which is not mobile responsive.  I don’t mean a sweet little html number which is a mini variation but still works, I mean a fancy schmancy cms which breaks and sends words and images all over the place.  It is a nightmare for a web designer, but some seem to just throw their hands in the air and leave it to the public to find their ways around it anyway, it just got too hard to fix up.

I feel your pain, web designers with website fails!  It has happened to me on occasion, usually when wrestling with a template which promises the earth but turns out to be far more trouble than it is worth.  That’s why I prefer to start from scratch.

And that is why mobile-responsiveness is so important – because, according to 99, there are over 4B unique mobile internet users in the world and mobile devices are used for over 40% of online transactions.  Plus there is google.  They won’t have you anywhere near the top of those coveted search engine results if you’re not mobile responsive, no matter how much you pay them. 99 Firms say that Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic. 99 Firms have a very cute infographic on their site illustrating how businesses use mobile marketing to their advantage. (See the end of this post.)

From Oberlo
From Oberlo – click on image to read full article

Oberlo, Shopify’s dropshipping app, have slightly different statistics about mobile phone use in their blog post about internet statistics: “There are currently 3.9 billion unique mobile internet users worldwide, representing around 51 percent of the global population (Statista, 2019).

That means that out of the 5.1 billion mobile phone owners in the world, more than three-quarters use their phones to access the internet.

In fact, mobile phones are the most popular device with which users access the internet – 50.6 percent of overall web traffic comes through mobile phones. That’s even more than laptops and computers (45.5 percent) and tablet devices (3.75 percent) combined.

And it probably wouldn’t be surprising if the number of mobile internet users continues to grow. This is especially likely because of the increasing speeds of mobile internet connections, which has increased by 19 percent from 2018 to 2019.”

Conclusion: If your site is not mobile responsive, you are missing out on a lot of this lovely internet business. Don’t accept a free website or any website, unless it is mobile responsive.

Infographic: How businesses use mobile marketing
Thanks to 99 Firms for creating this amazing and beautiful resource. Read the rest of the information here.

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