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Learning = saving money + more freedom

The Staples Singers: I’ll take you there, (1972)

I’ll take you there. 1

When you design and maintain your own website you could be saving thousands of dollars. If you’ve approached web designers for a quote and found that it is beyond your budget, there is another option. With hosting free for the first 6 months, plus one-on-one tuition, it need not be expensive to make your entrance into the sweet place of the World Wide Web and do well there.

You can save money on ongoing web maintenance, occasional changes or regular revamps when you bypass a web designer and do it yourself.

Fail-safe Guarantee

Anything you still need help with, if your notes and tutorial videos are not enough, you can call to go over anything you have learned completely free of charge, forever!

Step OneCall now to discuss the results you want, decide what you want to learn, how much time you have, your skill level and set you up for free membership with online meeting application, Zoom, if you don’t already have it.  We schedule the first lesson(s) and I tell you the cost.
Step Two – We meet on Zoom (so you have a recording to keep) and have our first lesson.  You can show me what you are doing on your device as I teach you every single thing you need to do, step by step, as it is recorded.
Step Three – You are now transformed into a force to be reckoned with online!  You can see concrete results from what you have learned as you confidently carry out the tasks you have chosen to do.
Step Four – As one of our clients, you can join our private online community resource for tutorial videos on other related web topics and ongoing updates.


Give away fewer hard-copy handouts and brochures by promoting your website where all company information is available and easily able to be updated. You can save money on printing and postage when you put your newsletters online as a blog while showing off your industry expertise globally.  I can even teach you how to hold online Zoom meetings with your clients so you can save on time spent traveling and of course travel costs.

One-on-one tuition at your online place and at your pace with free back-up forever

Whatever level of computer literacy or computer confidence you are at, tuition is tailored to suit you. Tuition is one-on-one, on your device, with clear instructions as you learn and recorded for you to keep. Often other video tutorials are also available.

And it does not stop there. If anything that we cover does not sink in, or you need clarification of the notes or videos we provide, you can call, text or email and you’ll be talked through it to get back on track.

Feel the freedom – let me take you there in three easy steps!

Designing and/or updating your own website or online shop gives you the freedom to alter your online presence whenever you need to, instantly. Why waste your time making an appointment to see your web developer every time you need to add a hyperlink, add a product to your shop, place a Facebook advertisement or promotion or make other small changes to your site? Having your altered website live on the internet can be as quick as it takes for you to make the changes you require, any time of the day or night.

Take lessons, take ownership of your online presence and cut your web development costs.  Call now!

For more about Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers, read Greg Kot’s excellent book Greg Kot: I’ll Take You There: Mavis Staples, the Staple Singers, and the March up Freedom’s Highway.

Watch Mavis Staples on Youtube. Also notable mention goes to a duet featuring the very fortunate Joss Stone, recorded live with soul legend Mavis Staples herself. Mavis Staples befriended and mentored many music industry greats over the years, including Prince who also covered I’ll take you there.

  1. “I’ll Take You There” is a song written by Al Bell (using his real name Alvertis Isbell), and originally performed by soul/gospel family band The Staple Singers. The Staple Singers’ version, produced by Bell, was released on Stax Records in February 1972, and spent a total of 15 weeks on the charts and reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100. It is ranked as the 19th biggest American hit of 1972.

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