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How to get to the profitable online place

Talking Heads This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
1983, Speaking in Tongues.

If you’ve wasted money on a website which no one goes to, you are not alone.

You know you can not depend on social media platforms for online success either. Anything on a free social media platform can be removed at any moment, and there is no one you can telephone to complain to.

Your website which you own, (hosted on a server which you pay hosting fees for and where you can get in touch by phone with whoever is taking care of it), must be the hub of your online presence.

Don’t let your website be like a billboard in a forest.


This Must Be The Place. 1

Maybe you’ve come up with a great idea for your online presence!  (We are here to help you get started and run with it.)

Or maybe you have the business or organisation web presence but have no idea how to use the internet and its vast array of resources to promote it and further serve your clients online.

Heaven forbid, maybe after all the time and/or money you’ve already spent, your site or social media is not getting any engagement whatsoever – the dreaded “billboard in a forest” syndrome.  Sadly, this situation is not that uncommon.

Your business or organisation can have a sweet place online if it is done right!  Please don’t despair.  Getting online is so easy that everyone is doing it. Here’s how.

In Step One, we plan and design your website. Read more.

In Step Two, the simple focus is on building your website. These first two steps, especially the second can be and are often done by amateur designers. We can do this for you as well, only we will take it further. Read more.

In Step Three your website is built and ready for your business to share and connect with your clients. Ideally this would be part of step one’s plan, and should not be an approach akin to putting all ones eggs in ones basket. Steps three and four are an ongoing learning curve and is too important to be entrusted to anyone who doesn’t care deeply about your online success. Read more.

Step Four is to expand and grow with the times. Technology moves at a fast pace. Steps one, two and three should be monitored and updated accordingly. It takes effort and know how to not let your website be like a billboard in a forest. All our clients are welcome to join our community and watch our private videos to keep up to date with online developments they need to know about.

We also offer one-on-one tuition in person or private tuition online. Read more about how empowering this can be.

Don’t waste any more time delaying the inevitable and being overtaken by your competitors.  Call now.

  1. Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) from album Speaking in Tongues (1983), watch on Youtube.
    Bassist Tina Weymouth stated in the liner notes of Once in a Lifetime: The Best of Talking Heads that the song was created through “truly naive” experimentation with different instruments and jamming.
    Just as the nature of the World Wide Web is. A great read is David Byrne’s book How Music Works, as is his other book Bicycle Diaries.

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