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Did someone say “free”?

The saying goes “there is no such thing as a free lunch” for a reason.

There is not much in life that is free nowadays, in fact, I would encourage you to be highly dubious of anything that is.

So this forces the question, why does NZ Webs offer free stuff all the time? What is the catch?

No catch, although when we had our free website campaign, it was largely because it irks me to see half-finished websites which are not mobile responsive being used by local businesses, or those with WIX or anything else advertising on top of their page. They’re half finished because DIY turns out to not be that straightforward and also because not all businesses are web design businesses, (although admittedly quite a few are). Just because anyone can design a website, it doesn’t mean everyone wants to.

When musing on this with friends, I saw a business opportunity to be filled by NZ Webs for those with a limited budget, as have many, many others trying to get a toe into this necessary industry, including recent web graduates, stay-at-homers and any others that have cobbled together a piece of cyberspace. Maybe, I thought, I could offer my $1799 website package for $99 with a guarantee that it will be mobile responsive and finished within a reasonable time-frame after guidance on what materials and information are needed before a start is made on the site.  Maybe I should even offer a short training course occasionally on an evening for a small number of people, covering planning and preparing for the creation of a website – as this is an important step.

But then I thought, regardless of however low I offer it for, paying for a website will still be too much for some, as people still need to pay for hosting and buying a domain name to have a professional presence and the ability to be found by ones target market, (unless they want a free one based offshore with ads running through their pages which we all know is a “no no”).

So I guess this was the catch at the time of the free website campaign: Host with NZ Webs, buy your domain name from NZ Webs, and NZ Webs gifted you a customised, mobile-friendly website. The website part was free. I even list free websites in my online directory of NZ Webs.  While we are not offering free websites at the moment (this offer will resume again in the future), we are offering something else much needed for a successful website launch, somewhere reliable to host your website:

The latest freebie is our spring 2020 campaign: 6 months of free hosting with us, worth up to $390 + gst.

You may also need tuition to keep your website up to date. I do provide some video tutorials to help with this free for my clients. Some clients have also benefited from my coming to their premises and training them to do everything they need to know about, working on the familiar space of their own computers. I write everything down for website owners and provide written and illustrated instructions, personalised. I can provide video tutorials besides the general ones on offer as well if this is more helpful.  And by the way, training comes with free phone back up forever (between 8am and 10pm every day except Sunday.)  So if a website owner reads through the personalised instructions and doesn’t understand something, my private phone number is available to use. Even if it is months or years after the original lessons.

So you would be crazy not to take this offer up, right? There is no such thing as a free lunch, but now there is such a thing as 6 months of free webhosting. Read more about what to expect from our great web hosting packages and our web design service.

Get your business online and off the ground and don’t look back.